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Expert Drain Cleaning Services:

Fischer Plumbing can clear ALL Drain Line issues including:

  • Main line drain clearing
  • Sewer line cleaning
  • Video camera inspection
  • Hydro Jetting
  • Residential drain lines
  • Commercial services

Main Sewer and Water Line Services:

  • Leak detection
  • Sewer line replacements from meter to house
  • High power hydro jetting
  • Repiping and pipe re-lining
  • Main water line repair and replacement
  • Clogs from hair, paper, debris, grease and food
  • Slowly draining, gurgling, smelly or backed up drains
  • Roots growing into the lines
  • Kitchen sinks, disposal and dishwasher drain lines
  • Bathroom drains including sinks, bathtubs, toilets and showers
  • Utility sinks

Clogged Drains

One of the most common plumbing problems for any home owner is a clogged drain. Although some drains are easily taken care of, many will resist amateur efforts to fix the slow or stopped drainage. For those in need, Seattle drain cleaning is just a phone call away. Fischer Plumbing has decades of experience cleaning drains in and around the Seattle area.

A clogged drain does more than just a nuisance. What might seem like a stagnant sink or a slowly draining shower might indicate serious problems lying within the interior of the plumbing system. Don’t let pipes burst or a basement flood because it seemed like the problem could wait: call in a pro to help unclog drains.

Although some clogs are easily fixed, big jobs should always be left to a professional. Complicated unclogging tools can cause more than just damage to the home: they can cause serious physical harm to those who don’t understand how to use them. The men and women of Fischer Plumbing are experienced tradesmen and have the skill to ensure that a job is done safely and correctly, ensuring that no damage is done to the home.

Snaking or Hydro Jetting? 

Most drain cleaning is done in one of two ways: either with a plumber’s snake or a high pressure blast of water. A plumber’s snake is a solid coil that can be manually used to unclog drains. The operator will turn a crank which will spin a device at the end of the cable. This will help scrape or otherwise dislodge clogs.

High pressure water will help clean pipes and blast through whatever matter is causing the clog. This is less common in households but it is sometimes necessary. A representative of Fischer Plumbing will describe whatever process they plan to use to solve your drainage problem with you before beginning.

If you’re suffering from slow or stopped drains, the best way to get your life back to normal and prevent any serious damage is to call in a plumber. Fischer Plumbing has proudly been serving the Seattle area for years. Hiring only the best and brightest, customers can expect quick, friendly service at a reasonable price. Don’t hesitate – call today!

24 Hour Drain Cleaning Solutions

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Steve really took the time to figure out my problem and finally solved the preliminary issue of a frozen pipe. He was very thorough and I appreciated his tenacity and his communicating the various problems to me as he encountered them.
Derek was fantastic. Knowledgeable. Personable. Skilled. He was incredibly helpful not only resolving my current issue, but mapping a plan for future drain care.
Good Service. I called in the morning & someone was out within 2 hours even though it wasn’t an emergency. Technician was friendly and courteous. He did a good job showing me what happened. Issue was quickly identified and fixed within 20 minutes.
We have been using Fischer Plumbing for a long time because we are loyal to good service. They are very reliable and they do good work. Moreover, they get it done right the first time.
Thanks for the extremely competent service provided by Michael. He was awesome – personable, timely, and really knew what he was doing.